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Mark Jones | FOUNDER & CEO 

  • +10 years experience in digital photo printer processing & marketing software products. 

  • Possesses extensive experience launching and managing successful companies. 

  • Maintains close business relationships with firms that will be important to eCinema Network's success (Kodak, Sony Corporation of America, and General Electric).


Tom Garrett | BOARD MEMBER

  • Extensive experience as line producer, producer, and executive producer with award-winning directors and other notable figures within the industry.  

  • Founded Circa Films in 1995.

  • Specializes in closing deals in the global market on behalf of producers, independent movie distributors, and international buyers. 

  • Created films that have been screened at many prestigious film festivals including Berlin, Cannes, Florence, Rotterdam and Toronto. 

  • Earned an M.F.A from N.Y.U Film School. 

  • Currently an instructor at the University of Tampa Film School.



  • Completed his PhD in Management at Florida State University.  

  • Previously held positions in companies ranging from high-tech entrepreneurial startups to corporations that have made the Fortune 500. 

  • Experienced in marketing, operations, auditing and general management. 

  • Currently an instructor at the University of South Florida's Center for Entrepreneurship.


Barney Bailey | BOARD MEMBER

  • MS degree in economics from the University of South Florida. 

  • 35+ years in the theater business  

  • Experienced with National Theatre Supply Company  

  • Acting CEO & Founder of Entertainment Supply and Technologies, LLC



  • Graduated from The Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute in 1995. 

  • Written, directed, produced and edited over 1,000 regional/national/international TV commercials, award-winning music videos, short films, and an international award-winning movie. 

  • Currently developing his second feature film, an $11.5 million venture.


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