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film industry

Distribution for independent movies has grown to over 15% of the US box office sales.  Despite this fact, film reproduction cost and limited opportunities for review have created an industry in which only 1 in 60 independent movies is reviewed and 1 in 120 is released. Our mission is to be the preferred partner of independent movie creators by ensuring the broadest distribution of the best films.  eCinema Networks, Inc. digital network solution will do this by:

  • Targeting 700 independent theater screens in the first year.

  • Providing your trailers for preview to its theater members.

  • Using the flexibility of a digital network to retarget your hits in hours.

  • Providing film quality digital solutions that will delight audiences.

  • Securing your movie throughout with the best available encryption methods.

Digital is the New Distribution Standard

Film has served the motion picture industry with extraordinary success for almost 100 years, but analog is costly and difficult to rapidly manage in a distribution strategy.  Our digital solution targets the small-mid-sized screens of independent theaters, reducing the system and content packaging/distribution costs.  Its end-end network infrastructure permits rapid distribution and redistribution of movies while its real-time assessment of box office sales allows its theater members to share with you in early successes.

Superior Digital Quality

eCinema Networks, Inc. provides consistent quality, digital film which guarantees no dirt, scratches, fading, or variations associated with film distribution.  Utilizing the best image compression technology available, out Network provides complete in-theater quality control of all release masters, with image enhancements as part of the distribution service.  Custom technology in noise reduction and sharpness improvement combined with film color management can be added to the processing to enhance film quality.


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