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eCinema Networks, Inc. theater System includes the following components:

  • End-end secure digital network to connect entertainment content providers to theaters and audiences worldwide.

  • Easy integration into the theater environment with firewall connection to the current theater network and ticketing, as well as interfacing to the theater automation, sound and film systems.

  • Project management to coordinate all logistics and site readiness specifications by providing site surveys to ensure all installations go smoothly.

  • Windows or Linux operating system and license to operate all software.

  • 3-Chip DLP HD projectors with 720P, 1080P single and dual lamps 4500 or 7000 ANSI lumens depending on screen size and 2500:1 contrast, and HDMI live/DVD input.

  • Projector shelf and all mounting equipment.

  • Booth content player that manages the image display, controls the projector, automation and sound and provides device error data and play audit data to central server and Network Operating Center.

  • Live HD converter for live feed or HD DVD input and control by the content player.

  • V5.1 surround sound cards for input to the theater sound processor.

  • Automation controller for lights, curtains, fire alarm and film projector interface control.

  • Central server for connection to ticketing and theater management control of booths.

  • Gigabit layer 3 managed local area switch for connection of the central server to each booth.

  • Multi- gigabit network drops to each screen to support future upgrades to DCI.

  • 10/100 or greater wide-area managed router for connection to the external internet Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  • Network speeds of up to 50 mbit/sec on virtual private integrated with Network Operating Center (NOC).

  • From to theater with real time Data Loop back to NOC.

  • 50 mbit/sec Mpeg2 or Mpeg4 that provides superior image quality.

  • HDCP image and audio security.

  • 3D color processing to simulate film color look.

  • V5.1 End-End Surround Sound.

  • AAC advanced audio compression.

  • Association of advertising content by feature, theater, screen, rating and time of day.

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