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eCinema Networks, Inc. provides a complete end-end secure digital network solution to connect entertainment content providers to theaters and audiences worldwide. Our turnkey solution includes installation, technical support, content preparation and distribution. The eCinema architecture is a secure VPN network that connects the Network Operating Center (NOC) to every customer, device, and screen within the network. Utilizing a high-speed data transmission, this system features:

  • Pre-show advertising and trailer content (transmitted in less than an hour)

  • Movie content (transmitted within 4 hours)

eCinema will provide digital content preparation as well as storage and distribution services from the co-located NOC, where the complete wide-reaching operations can be updated, serviced, and managed in real time. Operators can quickly program and re-program advertising play lists, associating ads with features, theaters, screens, rating and time of day. They can send a new ad or movie content to theaters to view and share play audit data. 24/365 technical service operators receive real time site status. 

Should technical assistance be needed, eCinema support staff can take immediate corrective action by logging into and troubleshooting any device. The wide-area network is connected to each screen in the theater via a managed central system. Theater members are provided secure access to view the operating status of their theaters.

Ticket information will also be used to identify movie performance, allowing eCinema and its members to rapidly target and re-target successful movies for optimal box office results.

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