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Achieve Effective Target Marketing
Research consistently shows that cinema pre-show advertising is over 5 times more effective in generating product recall than prime time TV. Advertisers are creating new modes of selling that take advantage of the sensory immersion and the captive nature of the audience. Audiences are there for a story and ready to be 'reached' on some of the highest quality digital media systems available on the market today. We empower advertisers the ability to target specific demographics associated with the movie, rating, time of day, city and theater and your effectiveness further increases.

Expand Your Message to Independent Theater Owners

The small-to-mid-sized independent theater owners which represent 15,000 screens in North America are ready venues. While the large multi-plex theaters are generally digital and saturated with local and national ads, these independent theaters are not. eCinema is also targeting university theaters and the 5000 US military theaters worldwide to further expand its network.

Tapping into a Superior Market
A 2003 Arbitron study shows that movie goers do not consider their movie experience complete without pre show ads, and 85% state that the ads are entertaining. The same study also showed that the majority of the audience is in their seats before the 20 minute pre-show.  Independently owned theaters hold even more promise due to their patrons being higher income, better educated and more discerning due to their slant toward edgier movies. These theaters also host more eighteen-forty year olds than the average cinema, and with independent films growing to 15% of the total US box office in 2006 are becoming increasingly popular. 

eCinema's Scheduling and Audit Capabilities are Unique
eCinema's flexible distribution and scheduling capabilities allow movie, rating, cities, time of day other business rule specification. The advertising can be implemented into a play list that automatically associates your ads or can played in particular slots during the pre-show or target at the last minute immediately before the movie. eCinema also will provide affidavits of play and ticket information on your private, secure web site to allow you to specifically quantify your audience. To Learn More Click Here.

eCinema Networks Digital Preshow offers a many different options for advertisers:

  • eCinema Networks offers only full 3 chip HD projections systems for its full motion with surround sound for digital Preshow

  • Short form advertising blended with a unique branding opportunity that enables you to connect directly to the consumer with your message

  • Sponsorship opportunities of special content including product position with our independent films, live events or uplifting alternative content in front of an attentive consumer within a captured environment.

eCinema Networks offers a marketing approach that allows advertisers to extend in-cinema campaigns through customizable content so you can reach your customer throughout the complete entertainment experience.  

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